Anand Tiwari
Anand Tiwari
InfoSecurity Enthusiast, Author of ArcherySec tool.

Black Hat Arsenal Asia 2018

We were very excited to be presenting Archery tool at one of the top information security conferences BlackHat Aisa 2018 Arsenal in Singapore. It also has been great opportunity to catch up with other folks who have been working on Open Source security tool that helps security professionals.

We have live demonstrated Archery in BlackHat Arsenal and talk about challenges facing while doing vulnerability Assessment and Management. Also were talk about how Archery solve those challenges. Below you can find the presentation slides.

Thanks for Toolswatch & BlackHat given us platform to introduce Archery to everyone.

Also we meet Arsenal presenters and discussed about the Open Source projects.

We have released beta version of Archery with below features.

  • Dashboard
  • Web Dashboard
  • Network Dashboard
  • Project Dashboard
  • OWASP ZAP Scanner integration.
  • Burp Scanner integration.
  • Arachni Scanner report parser.
  • OpenVAS plugin and parser.
  • Authentication
  • Project view and create.
  • Webscan View and Launch.
  • Network Scans view and Launch.

You can download from ArcherySec GitHub

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